The diffuser, a refined addition to your interior, gently wafts delicious scents through your living space. The diffuser has an elegantly shaped holder filled with fragrant liquid and stylish straws that draw the liquid upwards and subtly perfume the room. Easy to maintain, safe and convenient to use.

Discover our fragrances:

amber & rose: Enjoy the fragrance of a dash of lemon, grapefruit and pink pepper to awaken your senses.

fig & cedar: A soft breeze of violet leaves and fresh green apple fills the air. You can taste the sweet luxury of ripe figs. A hint of cedar wood gives the atmosphere an earthy and warm dimension.

leather & birch: A fusion of orange and plum fills the space – saffron and eucalyptus add an near-tangible depth.

Diffuser fluid, Fragrance.

On first use, turn the straws over after 10 minutes. You can do this weekly to refresh the scent of your diffuser. Diffusers

type: Fig & Cedar Diffusers

every scent has its story

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Overheerlijke geur diffuser

MMMM, zo fijn om eens een nieuwe goede geur in huis te halen. Geur is subtiel en blijft lekker lang hangen.

Veronique De Vliegher
Rose & Amber

Zalige geur en een supermooie keramieken pot!

Heerlijke geur

Het geeft een heerlijke geur door heel de ruimt! Super tevreden.