4 refreshing spring tips for an eco-luxury lifestyle

As the days lengthen and the flowers bud, a powerful source of energy awakens within you as well. High time to unleash those delicious spring creeps. Get out your favorite spring clothes, let in the fresh air and ... breathe new life into your eco-luxury lifestyle with our spring tips. Because in spring, anything is possible!

Tip 1: Make a clean start with your makeup brushes

Your makeup brushes come into contact with your skin and products on a daily basis. So it's only natural to give them a thorough cleaning on a regular basis.

Fortunately, with our Brush Soap, that job is quickly done. This soap is specially formulated to remove makeup residue and dirt in a thorough but gentle manner. This not only ensures hygienic cleaning, but also extends the life of your favorite tools. Moreover, afterwards your brushes smell as fresh as spring itself.

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Tip 2: refresh your refillables

Eco-luxurious living is sustainable living. So give our handy and eco-friendly refills a permanent place in your makeup routine. Which of your trusted refillables do you desperately need to refill for the new season?

Take a moment to dive into that closet or drawer and take note of what you definitely can't live without this spring. From Loose Mineral Foundation Refill Tubes and Refillable Concealer to Compact Eyeshadow and Bronzer Refills. And which products are you venturing for this time? With our Refillable Lipsticks, you can go either way.

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Tip 3: Accessories make everything better

Will you soon be taking the bathroom firmly in hand during your big spring cleaning? Then add the ultimate finishing touch with a cheerful accessory.

Do away with messy brushes with our stylish Brush Case and let your makeup shine in our Cosmetic Bag with a handy window to admire all your darlings at all times.

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Tip 4: Bring the scent of nature indoors

Okay, the springtime fresh scent of cleaning products may well be there. But once your spring cleaning is over, the aromatic evidence of that amazing effort soon fades. Why not try out a new home fragrance?

In our Home & Body collection, you'll find everything you need to transform your home into a long-lasting oasis of well-deserved tranquility. Create a calming atmosphere with our diffusers, provide a quick refresh with our room sprays or make it extra cozy with our scented candles.

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