live the klean life with natural make-up

i.am.klean lets you enjoy eco-luxury. With our simple yet highly effective natural make-up, you create a conscious and luxurious lifestyle that benefits both your skin and our planet. Feel beautiful and confident, while also making a positive impact on the world.

i.am.klean's high-quality products meet the growing need and demand for make-up that combines healthy beauty with honest sustainability. We therefore consciously choose pure products, from vegan and mineral ingredients to refillable and easily recyclable packaging.

To continuously improve our products, we follow scientific innovations closely and listen carefully to our customers. At the same time, we always remain true to our own values, around which a wonderful community has grown.

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"We want the packaging of our products to be as good for the planet as our makeup for your skin."

 - Founder Caroline Rigo

5x clean commitment

i.am.klean stands for 'natural makeup as it should be'. When we develop our products, we not only have the end user who applies our makeup in mind, but also the whole before and after process. Our entire business process is committed to quality and healthy eco-luxury. From the scientific research for a new product, to the reuse and recyclability of our packaging.

1. As pure as possible

All i.am.klean products are as pure as possible. We challenge ourselves to keep innovating and develop natural makeup that is not only good for your skin, but also for the environment. Because we
stand behind our pure products 100%, we communicate very transparently about our ingredients and compositions.

2. We love people

Naturally, our priority is to make products for you. You more than deserve luxurious makeup, which is also good for your health. Even more, our products enhance your skin thanks to their nourishing and caring effect. Our makeup does not contain parabens or toxic
particles, which means even the most sensitive skins can enjoy i.am.klean.

3. Vegan friendly

We do not test our products on animals. Besides, our basic ingredients come from official and certified organisations.
This is how we can be sure that the ingredients do not harm animals in any way whatsoever. We very consciously choose for products and processes which avoid any form of animal suffering, both directly and indirectly.

4. Hybrid product

Use your lipstick as a liquid blush too? By developing sustainable and hybrid products, we ensure that you can combine a luxurious lifestyle with an ecological mindset. A challenge we gladly accept!

5. Easy sustainability

Beaming with self-confidence every day with gorgeous makeup, while also doing your bit for a more sustainable world?
Easy. Our 'refillables' allow you to keep enjoying your healthy products without the need to discard the packaging each time it’s empty. A quick refill is all it takes to get back to your favourite makeup look.

1. As pure as possible

Alle i.am.klean producten zijn zo puur mogelijk. Wij dagen onszelf uit om te blijven innoveren en natuurlijke make-up te ontwikkelen die niet alleen goed is voor jouw huid, maar ook voor het milieu. Aangezien wij 100% achter onze pure producten staan, communiceren we ook heel transparant over onze ingrediënten en samenstellingen.

2. We love people

In eerste instantie maken we onze producten natuurlijk voor jou. Jij verdient namelijk luxueuze make-up die ook nog eens gezond is. Meer nog: onze producten verbeteren je huid dankzij hun voedende en verzorgende effect. Doordat er geen parabenen of toxische partikels in onze make-up zitten, genieten zelfs de meest gevoelige huidjes van i.am.klean.

3. We love animals

Wij testen onze producten niet op dieren. Bovendien zijn onze basisingrediënten afkomstig van officiële en gecertificeerde organisaties. Zo weten we zeker dat de ingrediënten dieren ook niet op andere manieren onrecht aandoen. We kiezen dus heel bewust voor producten en processen die elke vorm van dierenleed vermijden, zowel rechtstreeks als onrechtstreeks.

4. Hybrid product

Jouw lipstick ook gebruiken als liquid blush? Door duurzame én hybride producten te ontwikkelen, zorgen we ervoor dat jij een luxurious lifestyle kan combineren met een ecologische mindset. Een uitdaging die wij met veel plezier aangaan!

5. Easy sustainability

Dagelijks blaken van zelfvertrouwen met prachtige make-up en tegelijkertijd jouw steentje bijdragen aan een duurzamere wereld? Easy. Met onze ‘refillables’ blijf je genieten van jouw gezonde producten zonder telkens verpakkingen weg te moeten gooien. Gewoon even bijvullen en je kan weer snel verder met jouw favoriete make-uplook.

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Become a member of our i.am.klean community. Share tips, ideas and stories with makeup lovers who, like you, love beautiful, healthy and natural makeup. Our close-knit community works towards a
society where everyone can be themselves and connect with others in all openness and safety. Making the world look more beautiful? It can’t be done by pursuing the ultimate perfection, but rather by creating meaningful and pure connections.

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"i.am.klean encourages an eco-luxurious lifestyle, with quality mineral makeup to give every woman an extra layer of confidence."


How it started

Founder Caroline Rigo believes that all women has the right to a healthy and happy life, with easy, beautiful and natural makeup. Upon hearing the women in her makeup chair express their need
for natural makeup, unable to find high-quality options elsewhere, Caroline decided to take matters into her own hands. This led to the creation of Cent Pur Cent, offering products distributed within the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

In the beauty sector, however, the call for healthy, mineral makeup was also echoing louder and louder. Indeed, modern women are more aware of their health in all its facets. They exercise more, eat healthier, use refillable water bottles, take shorter showers ... And so, Caroline once again came up with an appropriate answer and released her i.am.klean makeup line. With this natural makeup and refillable product packaging, she is helping women take an extra
step towards a more sustainable world.

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Naturally created by Rigorgeous

Rigorgeous unifies all the brands developed by leading entrepreneur Caroline Rigo under a single concept. This concept is founded on the three pillars of the Rigoodness vision: good hearted, good inspired, and good connected.

The assortment of brands is offered through beauty and pharmaceutical professionals, in addition to their dedicated online channels. Through this approach, Rigorgeous ensures that healthy and natural products are accessible to all. And that is exactly what Cent Pur Cent, Cent Pur Cent Homme, i.am.klean, Blush Academy + Agency and Café Beauté are all about. The tight-knit community known for its emphasis on sharing knowledge is also
typically Rigorgeous.


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