Control the coverage of your makeup with these 5 products

The coverage of your makeup makes a world of difference. Do you want to create a natural look for a day out? Or do you go for full glam to shine all night long? You can achieve these two extremes - and everything in between - effortlessly by using the right product combination. With just five formulas, you determine the smallest nuances in your coverage and adjust it completely to your liking. Easy peasy!

Transparent coverage

Want subtle, sheer coverage that leaves your skin looking fresh and natural? Then the combination of our BB Cream and Loose Mattifying Powder is just what you need. First, apply a thin layer of BB Cream to even out and hydrate your skin. Our special formula with mineral pigments and vitamin C gives your skin a beautiful, healthy glow. Then powder with the semi-transparent Loose Mattifying Powder for a silky smooth effect. This gives a perfect finish that sets your makeup and conjures a soft-focus effect on your face.

Light coverage

For a slightly more opaque, but still natural look, opt for one layer of Loose Mineral Foundation. This light, mineral powder is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin. The zinc oxide present protects against UV rays and acts both soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory. In turn, the mica and boron nitride ensure long-lasting adhesion and bring a subtle and natural glow to your skin.

Light to medium coverage

Want to build up your coverage a bit more? Then you can experiment with the duo of BB Cream and Loose Mineral Foundation. Combine one layer of BB Cream with one layer of Loose Mineral Foundation for light coverage. If you do need a little more coverage, you can easily apply a second layer of the mineral foundation for added effect.

Medium coverage

If you prefer more pronounced coverage, there are several options you can try. For one, spray some Glam Locker Fixing Spray on your Kabuki and then swirl it into your Loose Mineral Foundation. This is because by wetting the Kabuki first, the intensity of the foundation increases and it adheres even better to your skin. Repeat this method if you want more coverage.

Another option is the effective mix of our Klean Primer and Liquid Glow Foundation. Again, the combination of both products provides strong adhesion and long-lasting medium coverage. All imperfections are naturally minimized and your skin looks instantly smooth thanks to the soft-focus powder in the liquid foundation.

Hoge dekking

For those times when you want to achieve maximum coverage, you can opt for a combination of our Liquid Glow Foundation and Loose Mineral Foundation (or Compact Mineral Foundation). Apply the liquid foundation first to camouflage imperfections and create an even base. Then build the coverage further with one or more layers of mineral foundation. This will give you perfect, intense coverage that lasts all day.

Which foundation suits you best?