What is spf?

Time to enjoy the sunshine outside! You immediately reach for your sunscreen or sunscreen powder to protect your skin. But what does spf 50 mean? There is a lot of confusion and that's why we asked our experts to explain the exact effect of spf 50.

What is the difference between spf 30 and spf 50?

Spf is short for sun protection factor. It indicates how long a product protects your skin from UV rays that cause sunburn. When using spf 50, your skin is 98% protected from UV rays. This spf level theoretically extends protection to about 500 minutes (10 minutes x 50) where you would normally burn after 10 minutes. In short, spf 50 protects your skin about 50 times longer than without using sunscreen. These spf 50 products are indispensable for a worry-free summer:

  • sunny ever after spf 50: This self-dosing sunbrush with loose mineral sunscreen powder provides natural coverage. You can apply this refillable powder both over and under your makeup.
  • lip balm spf 50: Available in three fresh colors, this ultra-soft and long-lasting lip balm offers deep sun protection. Just one coat provides intense color with a radiant finish.

Additional advantages of mineral spf 50

The mineral spf in your favorite i.am.klean products offers broader protection against both UVA and UVB rays, compared to the chemical SPF found in some other brands. Additionally, mineral spf starts working right away, thanks a.o. to zinc oxide. Zinc oxide reflects UV rays from the skin's surface before they can cause any damage.

Burned misconceptions

A common misconception is that you should apply spf 50 as a "sunblock" only once for an entire day's protection. This is quite dangerous, as no spf product offers endless protection. To effectively protect yourself from sunburn and skin aging, you should reapply your spf 50 sunscreen and lipbalm at least every two hours and avoid prolonged sun exposure. This is especially important if you sweat, go swimming, or use a towel, as these activities can decrease the effectiveness of your sunscreen.

Keep your sunny ever after spf 50 close.