How to contour?

Contouring is a popular makeup technique used to define and sculpt your face. Contour products create the illusion of shadows, allowing you to subtly alter the appearance of certain features if desired. The most commonly contoured parts of the face are the nose, cheeks, forehead, jawbone, and chin.

How to contour - the basics

When you first start contouring, it's helpful to follow a couple of basic 'rules.' However, it's important to remember that contouring is a personal thing. What works for you may not necessarily work for someone else.

There are general techniques for each face shape, but contouring should still complement your existing facial features, which are, of course, very personal.

Contouring: 5 basic principles to start with:

  • Always choose a powder with a cool undertone to achieve a shadow effect.
  • Ask yourself: 'What feature of my face do I like and would I like to emphasize more?'
  • Focus on defining only one or a few points, according to your own preference.
  • Contour and highlight belong together, always! Dark (contour) blurs features, while light (highlighter) intensifies what you want to literally put in the spotlight.
  • After contouring, use your bronzer to gently blend out the contour lines.

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what is compact contour powder and how to use it?

The compact contour powder features a silky smooth texture. This compact powder allows for easy build-up of coverage and ensures a radiant finish. Moreover, regardless of the degree of coverage, the result always appears very natural and even, so you'll never have that dreaded chalky look.

Apply the contouring powder where you want to create shadow on your face. To obtain the best results, use the Precise blush brush or the fan brush for a more precise application.

powerful composition is always on the lookout for innovative makeup formulas to create the most beautiful looks. But that’s not all: our products are not only healthy, yet also perfectly suited to fit into your eco-luxurious lifestyle.

Our compact contour powders are vegan and talc-free, and consist of the following ingredients:

  • Sericite: Gives a silky soft feel.
  • Natural mica treated with Lauroyl Lysine: Enhances the powder's texture and provides a buttery soft feel, ensuring excellent color payoff and adherence to the skin.
  • Soft focus powder: Helps to fade fine lines and reduce wrinkles.

Start contouring like a pro!