how to highlight?

You apply highlighter to those areas of your face that you want to accentuate. This makes the light interact with your facial features, or in short: it makes you shine bright like a diamond. However, the most important question remains: which parts of your face do you want to 'highlight'?

this is how you highlight

How you apply your highlighter depends on your facial features and the areas you want to accentuate more. Nevertheless, there are some best ‘highlighting’ practices for specific face shapes. Experiment with matte and shiny highlighters to illuminate different areas in very precise ways.

The 6 most common places to apply highlighter:

  • Cheekbones: This is where your face naturally catches a lot of light, allowing you to enhance that effect significantly.
  • Brow bone: Highlighting your eyebrow bone can also amplify where your face catches light, enhancing the look of your eyes. Apply a bit of highlighter just below your eyebrows; this adds a glowy look to your eyes and makes them appear larger.
  • Cupid’s bow: Highlighting this area makes your lips pop by accentuating the dimple above your upper lip.
  • Forehead and small 'c' above cheekbones: Adds depth and dimension to your face.
  • Chin: Emphasizes the shape of your chin and can make your lips look fuller.

good to know

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what is mineral highlighter and how to use it?

The mineral compact highlighter illuminates your most beautiful facial features. Like with any makeup product, choosing the right color for your skin tone is crucial.

Do you have a darker skin tone with warm undertones? Then our gorgeous highlighter is the perfect complement to your skin.

For lighter skin tones, our fairy highlighter delivers the most beautiful effect.

Select your favorite facial features and apply the compact mineral highlighter with a fan brush. This method allows for precise application while blending seamlessly with your other makeup.

radiant composition

The purpose of highlighter is to make your face look fresher and give it a nice glow. Wherever you apply highlighter, your skin reflects both indoor and outdoor light more effectively than other areas, resulting in a radiant, natural glow.

To maximize this effect, we've added the mineral mica to our compact mineral highlighter. This substance, sometimes called 'glimmer,' truly lives up to its name!

Did you know that our highlighter is 100% vegan.