This is why your lips love spf 50

Did you know that your lips are particularly vulnerable to the sun's UV rays? Due to their thin skin, they get damaged from prolonged exposure even faster than the rest of your body. A radiant lip balm with spf 50 provides all the protection you need.

Protect your sun-kissed lips

Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips have no melanin, the pigment that helps protect against UV radiation. This means your lips burn and dry out much faster in the sun. Additionally, they have a very thin layer of skin, making them especially vulnerable to sun damage. Without proper protection, your lips can quickly crack or suffer other harm from prolonged sun exposure. Therefore, it is essential to protect them with a lip balm with a high spf, such as our lipbalm spf 50.

(Re)apply the lip balm at least every two hours to enjoy the best possible sun protection.

Protected by nature

Why choose between protection and beauty when you can have both? With our vegan lipbalm spf 50, you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy soft, moisturized, and radiant lips that are also naturally protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Our three summer shades - lycheelove, berrybrave, and watermelonwave - feel wonderful thanks to their ultra-soft texture. Additionally, they are so richly pigmented that you get elegant and intense color with a radiant finish after just one coat.

Furthermore, these ingredients provide deep care for your lips:

Hyaluronic acid:

A powerful hydrator capable of attracting and retaining large amounts of moisture. This helps keep your lips hydrated for longer periods and leaves them feeling soft.

Camellia butter:

rich in omega-9 fatty acids, it penetrates the skin to provide deep hydration. This helps to prevent or repair cracked lips.

Vitamin E:

A strong antioxidant that protects your lips from free radical damage caused by a.o. sun exposure, pollution and other environmental elements. This keeps your lips healthy and youthful.

3 colors, countless possibilities

With our spf 50 lipbalms, you can maximize both your protection and your look. We’d like to inspire you with some tips from our beauty experts:

Extra fun fact: try the lip balms as a subtle cream blush on your cheeks. That works like magic!

Don't forget to protect the most delicate skin on your face