The power of powder: 6 core minerals

Anyone who uses mineral makeup once never wants to go back. And that doesn't surprise us at all. The composition of our loose mineral powders offers numerous benefits. The secret behind it? 6 miraculous minerals, each with their own special characteristics.

powerful simplicity

100% mineral makeup can often be recognized by its simple ingredient list. No synthetic chemicals or preservatives, only pure and natural raw materials. Therefore, this offers a very attractive alternative for those looking for a healthier and more natural beauty solution, as part of an eco-luxurious lifestyle.

These are the 6 core minerals

titanium dioxide

Provides natural sun protection and has a soothing effect.

zinc oxide

Provides natural sun protection, acts antibacterial, soothing and calming.

iron oxide

Serves as the base of pigments (natural dyes).

boron nitride

This diamond among minerals gives a silky smooth feel and has strong bonding properties.


Provides a natural glow, partially reflects the light falling on your face and softens fine lines.


Absorbs excess oil and sebum and creates a soft-focus effect.

light & kind to your skin

Thanks to these simple, mineral formulas, your skin does not get irritated, which is especially beneficial for people with (extremely) sensitive skin or allergies. Moreover, mineral makeup has a very light and breathable texture. Therefore, unlike some heavier makeup, it feels like a second skin. Because the powder does not clog pores, it also prevents the formation of pimples.

Did you know that sun protection is also one of the strengths of mineral makeup? The presence of both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide gives you a natural protection of SPF 20. Nice touch!

natural beauty

Do you like a natural look? Then mineral makeup is an excellent choice. Its powdery composition provides a soft and even coverage. You can also build it up very easily. And even when you go for heavier coverage, your skin still looks very natural. So both for a subtle everyday look and a glamorous night out, mineral makeup is your best friend.

skin-enhancing magic

Mineral makeup is not only very gentle for easily irritated or problem skins, but even works to improve skin. Ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and iron oxide help reduce redness, inflammation and irritation, leaving skin looking calmer and more even. Even those who suffer from very oily skin or acne often see rapid improvement thanks to the absorbent and breathable powders.

Curious about the effects of mineral makeup?