Here's how to get the most out of your home perfume

Scents often possess underestimated powers. They evoke memories, improve our mood and promote our general sense of well-being. House perfumes therefore offer the perfect solution to make your
home a safe haven. But what is the best way to use your home fragrances? With this practical guide, you can transform your home into a natural oasis of peace and relaxation in 7 steps.

Choose a home fragrance that suits you

If you are going to fill your home with a fragrance or a combination of fragrances, you should make the right choice from the start. Do not initially rule out any fragrances, but consider all the options.
Eventually, you will discover which accents most suit your personal taste, from floral and fresh to leathery and earthy. By the way, it is also perfectly possible to have a match with several perfumes.

Tip: use the Home Collection quiz to discover which fragrance best suits your personality.

Welcoming fragrance

The entrance to your house or flat gives visitors a quick first
. So why not highlight it with a welcoming fragrance?
It will also make coming home all the nicer for you. Place a diffuser at
your front door or in the hall for a subtle and long-lasting scent.

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Bring your home to life

Your living room is the epicentre of relaxationand socialising. The perfect place to diffuse your home perfume in different ways. Do you want a quiet diffuser to do the job? Do you regularly adjust the fragrance intensity by using a room spray? Or do you go for extra cosiness with a scented candle? Try all the methods and choose which one feels best for you.

Ultimate tranquillity in the bedroom

Is it time for the big clean in your bedroom? A fresh and
energetic home fragrance while cleaning up certainly won't hurt. But for sleeping, calming and soothing scents are of course still recommended. Opt for a diffuser if you want to bathe in a consistent scent all night. Or spray into the air a few times with your room spray before crawling under the sheets.

Your own spa in the bathroom

Who doesn’t dream of a spa at home? Put some scented candles on the edge of your delicious hot bath or fill your private spa with the relaxing scent of an elegant diffuser. That's all you need for 100% me-time. Extra tip: feel free to lock the door to really enjoy yourself undisturbed. Sorry kids!

Full focus

Do you sometimes work from home? Or do you spend your evenings on a hobby that requires your full attention? A subtle scent is sure to boost your productivity and concentration. Choose fresh fragrances to create a stimulating working environment. 

Optimal enjoyment

To maintain your desired fragrance consistency, using
and maintaining your fragrance elements properly
essential. In a diffuser, for example, you can flip the straws weekly to
refresh the scent. Also discover our tips to make your scented candles last longer.

Looking forward to filling your home with fragrances that totally suit your personality and eco-luxury lifestyle?

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