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What is SPF?

You're about to enjoy the great outdoors. So, you immediately reach for your spf sunscreen powder and lip balm to protect yourself. But what does "spf 50" mean? There is a lot of confusion about this term. That's why we want to shed some light on exactly how it works.

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spf 50 lips

Did you know that your lips are particularly vulnerable to the sun's UV rays? Because of their thin skin, they get damaged from prolonged sun exposure even faster than the rest of your body. A radiant lipbalm with spf 50 provides all the protection you need.

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Your travel beauty essentials

Whether you travel the world or take a short city trip, it can be challenging to maintain your beauty routine on the road and at your destination. Plus, your skin has different needs because your days are different. You're outside more, strolling in the sun... With these travell essentials, your skin will be even more radiant than the southern sun.

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