Get ready with Loredana

Name: Loredana de Amicis 

Favourite outfits: Cool & sexy outfits with a touch of bling!

Favourite season: Summer!

Valentine's Day, 'Day of Love'... but for me also the day after my birthday. This year both days fell over a weekend. That’s normally when we are on a stage performing somewhere, this year it turned out differently... but the sun was out beautifully and it was a great day full of surprises with lots of phone calls and countless messages from everyone who thought of me. So heart-warming! ❤️

On my birthday, I was treated to a delightful breakfast basket, followed by a special Valentine's menu the next day. Naturally, this also entailed crafting a stunning makeup look for our romantic date night!


The look

For my complexion, I use the Loose Mineral Foundation 'Popular Pink 2' and apply the Concealer Stick in the colour 'Neutral’ beneath my eyes.

On my eyelids, I embrace around five shades from the Loose Mineral Eyeshadow collection. It might sound excessive, but blending different hues is second nature to me, and the result is guaranteed to be stunning. 😉 Starting from the inner to the middle part of my eyelid, I apply 'Golden Rush', then layer 'Walnut' over it and slightly beyond, ensuring the colours transition smoothly into one another. I dab a bit of 'Mud' for depth on the brow bone, and for added drama above the crease, 'Black Pearl' is my choice.

As a final touch, 'Princess Peach' goes into the inner corners of my eyes for a brightening effect. Diverging from my usual 'classic black' eyeliner, I opt for the 'greener than green' eye pencil for an amazing pop of colour. To intensify my gaze, I line both the upper and lower waterlines.

Now, all that's missing is a fabulous cocktail to kick off date night. Enjoy!

Love, Loredana