New and better brushes

The brushes for eyes and face are designed to facilitate blending and ensure perfect results every time. But what exactly makes them so special, which brushes should you use for what purpose and how to maintain them? Let’s sum it up for you!

100 % eco-friendly

The new brushes are 100% eco-friendly. The handles, for example, are made of rice & PP recycled plastic. Thanks to the recycling of plastic packaging, we are significantly reducing our ecological footprint. Instead of just burning plastics, it becomes a valuable new raw material.

The bristles are biodegradable and dry very quickly after washing. 99.6% dry in 10 minutes, super convenient for makeup artists who have to clean several dozen brushes daily or just for yourself! We love beautiful products, but also cute animals.

Therefore, the bristles are not made of natural hairs, but rather of synthetic nanofibers and BASF material. This feels even softer than natural hair and is also more hygienic. Bacteria cannot attach to the hair. The BASF material we use increases the powder grip. This means that the intensity and pigments of the powders stay on the brushes much better. Bye bye fall outs!

Alle voordelen op een rijtje is very much concerned with sustainability.
That’s why it was only natural that we would make the new brushes eco-friendly,
considering both environmental well-being and human safety.

Which brush for what purpose?

We are easily persuaded by all the pretty colours and want
to have nice even skin. Luckily,'s makeup products will help you meet all your needs! A beautiful makeup look is easier to achieve with the right tools. What if you can’t see the wood for the trees and you are unsure which brush to use? This easy overview will definitely help you!


This brush is the basic item of our makeup line. You really can't do without it. The Kabuki is a very convex, rounded brush with lots of fine bristles. The bottom is flat, so you can put the Kabuki away properly. Use the Kabuki for both your Loose Mineral Foundation
and Compact Mineral Foundation.


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Foundation Brush

The Foundation Brush is the tool for applying all your liquids! Because the bristles are straight at the top, you can very nicely blend your Liquid Foundation and Klean Primer into your skin. Always use circular movements to work your foundation nicely into your skin. Want more coverage? Then stamp the Foundation Brush on your skin or in places where you want more coverage.

Expert tip: The Foundation Brush doubles as a perfect tool for contouring. Its angled bristles make it effortlessly simple to work beneath your cheekbones.

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Blush Brush

The Blush Brush is ideally suited for applying Loose Mineral Blush or compact blush with ease. Remember, a little goes a long way! Its densely packed bristles gather more pigment than, for instance, the Fan Brush, ensuring vibrant colour application.

For best results, apply blush to the cheekbones at the centre of your face, using circular motions or strokes upwards towards your hairline for seamless blending into the skin. If you find your blush application too vivid, lightly sweep your Kabuki brush over it to subtly diffuse the intensity, effectively using it as an 'eraser'.

 Expert tip: always stay two fingers away from your nose with your blush, this way you avoid narrowing your face with your blush.

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Fan Brush

With the Fan Brush, you can apply highlighter to your cheekbones in no time. It will give you an instant glow! You can also use your fan brush to apply your blush. Because the bristles are less compacted and in a 'fan' shape, it absorbs less pigment and you can work more gently.


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Concealer Brush

The Concealer Brush, with its flat design, is ideal for both sheer and full coverage concealer applications. The flat bristles facilitate accurate placement and ensure an even spread of concealer.

Expert tip: additionally, it serves well as an eyeshadow brush for those seeking more vibrant colour. Press the brush into your eyeshadow to collect the pigment, then press it onto your eyelids to apply.

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Concealer Brush

Employ the Eyeliner Brush to soften pencil lines or craft a perfect winged eyeliner. Dampen the brush briefly, pick up your chosen eyeshadow, and voila, you achieve a strikingly intense eyeliner!

This brush is also adept for refining your eyebrows with powder or creating an ombre effect in tandem with an eyebrow pencil.

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