The magic of the kabuki makeup brush: 3 types for every occasion

Let’s be honest: een goede make-upborstel kan het verschil maken tussen een flawless look en een minder geslaagde poging … Heb jij al kennisgemaakt met de iconische kabuki make-upborstel? Zo niet, gaat er weldra een hele nieuwe wereld voor je open. Deze veelzijdige en - terecht - immens populaire tool is onmisbaar in elke make-uptas. En wat is er beter dan één kabuki? Drie kabuki’s! Je ontdekt hier waarom. 

Mini kabuki: ultieme travel buddy

The right makeup brush can be a game-changer! It can elevate your makeup routine from "just okay" to "flawless." Enter the iconic kabuki brush, a versatile tool that's become a must-have in many makeup bags. But what if you could have even more versatility?

Three kabuki brushes are better than one – and here's why! We'll explore the benefits of having a kabuki brush collection and how it can take your makeup skills to the next level.

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Classic kabuki: like ... duh

The kabuki brush: a must-have for any makeup bag! Its dense, fluffy bristles are perfect for applying loose mineral foundation, creating a flawless, natural finish. Whether you're a makeup beginner or a seasoned pro, the kabuki brush and your favorite loose mineral foundation are the perfect duo! They work together to give you beautiful, buildable coverage, just like Mariah Carey knew all along.

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Retractable kabuki: 'peekaboo' brush

Handbags absolutely love this retractable kabuki. In fact, its clever design allows you to fully retract and cover the brush, keeping the bristles well protected and preventing powder from exploring in your bag.

On-the-go tip: before you leave, twist your retractable kabuki into your loose mineral foundation so that the powder is well contained in the bristles. Then slide the metal back closed and put the cap on. That way you always have one foundation touch-up with you to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Life hack!

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What makes a kabuki brush different?

Calling all makeup lovers! The kabuki brush is about to become your new favorite tool. Its super-dense bristles ensure flawless, even application of your loose mineral foundation.

Need even more coverage after applying a few layers? Simply mist your kabuki brush with our glam locker fixing spray, then swirl it in your powder. The kabuki brush: versatility at its finest!

How to maintain your kabuki makeup brush?

Choosing your favorite makeup brush is like choosing a favorite child. You don't. But the kabuki does have a slight edge with many. We don't judge! What we do do is give a tip on how to keep your favorite in top condition at all times. The most gentle way to clean the brush is with brush soap:

- Wet the bristles under the faucet.

- Swirl well on the soap and massage the soap.

- Rinse out dirt with clean water.

- Lay brush flat to dry.

Ready to serve up perfect looks wherever you are?