For a shift in color palette: Winter to summer shades, how to match your mineral foundation in the off-season

Does your skin tone change dramatically between seasons? Finding the perfect foundation shade can be tricky enough, but those seasonal shifts add another layer of difficulty!

Here's where our refillable loose mineral foundation comes in handy. It lets you easily adjust your foundation routine as your skin gets lighter or darker throughout the year.

First of all, what is mineral foundation?

Our lightweight mineral foundation powder is made with all-natural ingredients that benefit your skin.

  • Natural sun protection: Zinc oxide helps shield your skin from UV rays, while also calming and soothing irritation.
  • Radiant finish: Mica and boron nitride give you a healthy glow and make the powder blend seamlessly onto your skin.
  • Gentle on all skin types: This mineral makeup is perfect even for sensitive skin.

Eco-friendly luxury? You got it!

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Beware of the foundation faux pas!

The right foundation shade makes all the difference! Choosing a shade that's too light or dark can leave your skin looking unnatural and even highlight imperfections instead of hiding them. That's why we at want to help you achieve a flawless, natural look and boost your confidence!

Unsure of your perfect shade? Take our quick and easy foundation quiz! It will guide you through just a few steps to find the ideal shade, coverage, and finish for your unique skin.

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No match? Go mix!

Tired of being stuck between winter and summer foundation shades? We get it!

That's why our refillable mineral foundation powders are perfect for creating the ideal in-between shade. Have a lighter winter shade and a darker summer shade? Simply mix them together for a custom color that matches your skin tone as the seasons change.

After that first peek of spring sunshine, you'll have the perfect foundation shade to match your changing skin!

With these steps, you'll soon arrive at the ideal color for your foundation:

- Get an empty foundation jar and a small refill of both your winter and summer colors.

- Fill the jar with about 1/3 of your winter color.

- Add your summer color little by little until you find the right shade.

- Shake shake shake, so everything is well mixed.And then it's time for le moment suprême: the test. Apply the foundation on your cheek, toward your jawline. Can you hardly see the color? Congrats! You've now created your own personalized foundation!

By the way: when winter comes, apply the same method, but in reverse.

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Don't waste time with mismatched shades! Finding the perfect foundation color requires proper testing. While some test on their hand or wrist, the best results come from applying a blend of the foundation to your jawline. This area best matches the tone of both your face and neck. Remember, natural light is key for the final check! Feeling adventurous? Our refillable powders allow you to mix and match shades for a truly custom look!