i.am.klean x Atelier Tinika: a perfect harmony

i.am.klean's theme this year is #ikkoopbelgisch, so we have already collaborated with Belgian brands/artists and illustrators for several collections. Those who already own the new Talk of The Town collection or follow us on our socials have probably seen it. The new
collection features a special look designed by Belgian illustrator Atelier Tinika. Find out what Atelier Tinika stands for and who she is in an interview with her here.

Name: Tinneke De Block 

Favourite season: Spring 

Favourite late-night snack: Magnum with white chocolate 

Product I can't live without: Loose Mineral Foundation & Klean

Who is Tinneke?

I am Tinneke De Block and I live with my husband and two children in Keerbergen. In addition to my work at Atelier Tinika, I am employed full-time as a graphic designer. Drawing and painting are long-standing passions of mine, and I always keep a sketchbook close at hand in my spare time. As a teenager, I created wall paintings to earn additional income.

Atelier Tinika was born in 2010, when I discovered the world of blogging during my studies. Initially, my creations were showcased on my blog. By 2015, this blog evolved into a fully-fledged website. Today, I craft illustrations for both brands and individuals, as well as (wall) paintings. My work, including paintings, art prints, and stationery, is available for purchase through my own online shop.

What was your first thought when we suggested you design the packaging?

The story of i.am.klean - a healthy, pure, natural mineral makeup line with a touch of confidence and luxury - is completely in line with my own values. I was overjoyed when you contacted me to give this assignment. I absolutely and fully support it.

The concept of collaborating with Belgian designers and the beautiful branding of i.am.klean felt like a perfect match. In all modesty, I think it’s the good match that made the wonderful result.

How did you proceed?

After the smooth briefing, I already had a fair idea about which direction the illustration would take. My goal was to portray a real i.am.klean woman - pure, fresh, healthy and confident. With a refined luxurious look that showcases the colours of the collection beautifully.

First, I drew the outline with pencil. Then I coloured them in with watercolour, acrylic paint and ink. The final adjustments are coloured digitally.

What did we think?

We are incredibly proud of the new collection and the collaboration with Atelier Tinika. The match between Tinneke's design and i.am.klean is absolutely perfect: utterly feminine, pure, genuine and authentic. Lisa from i.am.klean: "I love the packaging so much that I even want to keep the products in the box, haha! A real must-have :)!"